SSEF Management

SSEF Management

Over the years, under the leadership of its first Chairman, Mr Bhajan Singh, the Sikh Education Foundation has gone through a number of milestone activities. Mr Santokh Singh took over as Chairman of SSEF in October 2014. Since then, the teachers have been led through a number of engagement sessions to ensure that the curriculum is impacting pupils’ learning.

In January 2016, Mdm Gurdial Kaur took over as the Chairperson for SSEF. Mr Santokh Singh continued to support the SSEF as an Advisor until his demise in 2016.

Mr Inderjit Singh, former Member of Parliament, now serves as the advisor to the Singapore Sikh Education Foundation.

SSEF School Leaders

SSEF Kindergarten Principal: Mdm Inderjeet Kaur
SSEF Punjabi School Principal (Primary): Mdm Rashpal Kaur
SSEF Punjabi School Principal (Secondary): Mdm Baljeet Kaur

SSEF Management Committee

Mr Bhajan Singh
Mdm Gurdial Kaur
Mr Inderjit Singh

Chairperson: Mdm Gurmeet Kaur
Vice Chairperson: Mdm Manjit Kaur

Secretary: Mdm Jaswant Kaur
Asst. Secretary: Mdm Kulvinder Kaur
Treasurer: Mdm Kaveeta Sandhu
Asst. Treasurer: Mr Gurpreet Singh

Mr Sarabjeet Singh
Mr Bhubhindar Singh
Mr Malminderjit Singh
Mr Inderjit Singh
Mr Simranjit Singh
Mr Prabhinder Singh
Mdm Inderjeet Kaur
Mdm Baljeet Kaur
Mdm Rashpal Kaur