About Us

The Singapore Sikh Education Foundation

As a community project, the Singapore Sikh Education Foundation was inaugurated on 30 December 1990 to provide Punjabi Language education based on the Examination syllabus guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. 
Today, the Punjabi Language programme is conducted on Saturdays at two weekend centres. Pupils in mainstream schools attend classes at Beatty Secondary Schools where classes are conducted for pupils from primary 1 all the way to those opting for Punjabi language as a H1 Subject for the G.C.E.’A’ Level examination. 

Punjabi Language classes are also conducted for beginning learners where pupils are enrolled in the Nursery and Kindergarten classes at Khalsa Kindergarten that is located in Beatty Road. 

Punjabi Language education comes under the purview of the Board of Teaching and Testing of Non-Tamil Indian Languages (BTTSAL) which oversees all curriculum and assessments of the five non-tamil Indian languages, namely Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Urdu which are currently recognised as alternative Mother Tongue Languages by the Ministry of Education. 

As the kindergarten classes do not come under the purview of BTTSAL or MOE, the curriculum, resources as well as assessment practices are designed by our teachers at the Kindergarten level. Sikhi component has been added to the curriculum to provide students with an initiation to Sikhism and these include learning journeys to Sikh temples.  

SSEF over the years has also established strong relationships with Sikh Institutions and well-wishers to cater to the needs of our students. Sikh Welfare Association (SIWEC) has been instrumental in providing support for families with financial needs to ensure that their learning in Punjabi language is fully funded through the payment for books, transportation, uniforms and monthly school fees.