Message from the Chairperson

Dear Parents, Staff and Students,

I am honoured to be appointed the 4th Chairman of Singapore Sikh Education Foundation (SSEF) with effect from 28 June  2021.

Singapore Sikh Education Foundation has played an instrumental role in nurturing bilingual Sikh / Punjabi students by providing quality Punjabi language education since its inception in 1990.

Over the years, despite the change in stewardship, the belief in the value of the establishment of the organization remained steadfast. Each leader brought  to the organization a wealth of knowledge and experience.

As one SSEF, we believe in building strong fundamentals for future learning so that we can develop our SSEF students to be Aspiring Lifelong Learners, Critical and Creative Thinkers who are anchored in Sikh Values

To achieve this, SSEF will provide a nurturing environment and enriching Punjabi language learning experiences to engage each child to the best of his/her ability.

This new decade spells promises of great things to come for SSEF. Fresh from our 30th anniversary celebrations we look to this decade to strengthen who we are as a community to serve and make life better for those around us. We want to continue in the footsteps of those who have gone before us to strive for EXCELLENCE. 

Moving forward we are looking at developing a robust hybrid, blended learning programme that can provide continued learning and at the same time complement classroom teaching. Such a progamme will include new and relevant content that will captivate our student’s interest. This will be piloted in the lower primary classes in 2022.

We want our community to flourish, growing in maturation as we see the students developing as well-rounded individuals, bonded to SSEF, community and the nation.  We want to see our teachers as skilled practitioners, enhancing their competencies and contributing to make the teaching and learning of Punjabi Language a joy to the students.   Above everything, we are a team who believe  in “Let’s FLOCK  together “ where FLOCK stands for

F-Forward looking

L-Listen & Engage

O-Openness & Respect


K- Know our purpose

We believe in the above norms collectively and recognize that only by being open and responsive to change will we be able to provide a strong foundation not only in the Punjabi language but also in keeping our children connected to our culture and heritage. OUR students are OUR priority

We join hands with our stakeholders – parents, temple representatives and alumni, united in purpose as ONE to nurture the SSEF Student. This must be the legacy of the SPIRIT of SSEF. 

Mdm Gurmeet Kaur